Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dine & Dish: Slotted Spoon

The Salted Spoon meets the Slotted Spoon: A meatball eatery.

A what? Yes, a meatball mecca. An entire shop dedicated to meatballs of all varieties. You pick the meatball, the vessel on which to enjoy said meatball and then choose your sauce and extras. All this comes together to make one customized and enlightened meatball experience.

And in Denver style, the Slotted Spoon serves it up in a 'fast-casual' eatery. They've discovered and honed in on a niche in the ever growing fast-casual market that is inventive and fun. I anticipate we'll be seeing these guys open up numerous locations once the word spreads about their meatball goodness.

We lunched on Salmon Meatballs on a whole wheat hoagie and the Black Bean Meatballs on salad greens. Diner tip: Don't miss the Sautéed Greens which are divinely flavored with cracked pepper bacon and roasted garlic.

Need a bigger helping?:
Slotted Spoon: A meatball eatery

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