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Welcome to the tales of a foodie and the modest culinary creations emerging from my kitchen. Cheers to healthy eats, food finds, a generous pour, restaurant bliss and foodie adventures.

FAQs of the food obsessed variety ...

Kelly's Kitchen features healthy eats. Tell us more.
I was raised eating healthy, flavor rich foods. As an adult, I enjoy cooking healthy recipes and finding ways to make ordinarily unhealthy foods, healthier. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle by nourishing the body with quality, natural and organic foods.

If you were on Chopped, what ingredient would you NOT want to see in the basket?

What is your favorite chocolate recipe?
Pecan Brownies from Lisa Rothstein - sans pecans. They are decadent. And indulgent. Proceed with caution.

Tell us one strange food thing that we don't know about you.
I prefer to eat dessert frozen. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are a given. But many baked goods as well. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are especially good frozen.

Your hubby, Dan, is mentioned in posts. How does he contribute to The Salted Spoon?
Dan is my official taster and dining companion. He also laughs with me when my pizza dough turns out like naan.

If you were to throw a pie in somebody's face, what flavor pie would you choose?
Cherry. An obvious answer. If I am going to throw a pie, I might as well make a big, colorful mess!

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  1. Saw here that you love wine as well. How do you rate wines? Do you refer to online wine reviews? Some people are just so mean to wine, they put it in every single dish. Do you do that as well?

  2. Wow that’s great! I also love chocolate brownies! But one of my dentists advised me to lessen my intake on sweet foods particularly chocolates; it would just cause gum disease and some oral problems.That's why If I feel like eating chocolates, I buy gluten free products.

  3. It's quite seldom that surfers encounter a site who cooks healthy food and enjoys them too. Mostly are advices and recipes, without actually the chef tasting them. This is awesome!