Sunday, October 24, 2010

Foodie Fundraiser

Foodies feasted, funds raised, and voting chips were cast for favorite sauces at A Saucey Affair. This year, duck was the trendy ingredient in the tastings offered. Normally, duck is not my ingredient of choice, but with a flavorful sauce, almost anything can be transformed into a great bite. I especially enjoyed the Stranahan’s Whiskey Duck Sauce from Black Pearl. Other restaurant samplings included: Roast Duck Benedict, Roast Lamb Belly with Baby Spinach Salad, Duck Confit with Sweet Potato Puree, Almond and Bacon Liver Mousse Date, and a Duck Drummette with Maple and Blood Orange Sauce.

And the awards went to… Avenue Grill and Encore! Avenue Grill’s Strawberry Margarita Sauce won the Judges’ Choice Award and Encore took home the People Choice Award for their Poblano and Pumpkin Seed Cream Sauce.
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