Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dine and Dish: Bones

Located in Denver, Bones is a small neighborhood restaurant featuring an Asian fusion noodle menu. The food features are the creation of head chef Frank Bonanno whose nickname, I’ve heard, is ‘Bones’, hence the name of the restaurant. We arrived for our 7:30 reservation and were seated at a corner table nearby the wine rack. This cozy seating provided a welcomed sense of intimacy for our dinner.

Our meal started with an order of the Steamed Buns as recommended by our server. As anticipated, these pleasantly chewy Buns were dripping with pork belly decadence. For our entrees, we ordered the Ahi Tuna Burger with shishito peppers and the Ramen with poached lobster. The burger was wonderfully unique in that the Ahi Tuna seemed to be chopped up and grilled in a way that was reminiscent of your typical beef burger. The shishito pepper side dish was promptly placed atop the tuna burger and enjoyed as one. Next, the broth of the Ramen was described as a Lobster miso broth and was surprisingly light considering I tasted more of a butter than miso flavor. As you can imagine, the broth’s flavor paired beautifully with the poached lobster. Bottom line on Bones: yum!

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