Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dine & Dish: Ocean Prime

We were invited to attend the soft opening of a new restaurant on Larimer Street. We dined at Ocean Prime. And as a foodie, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sample a new place. And sample we did – many, many things.

Before diving into the food report, I will start with a note about atmosphere. This restaurant is one of the few places on Larimer that offers its diners a chance to truly appreciate the view of a bustling city street filled with people. I especially appreciated seeing the street illuminated by the canopy of lights that make the street so recognizable.

On to the food … We started off with signature cocktails – mine bubbled with vigor – and a cold seafood plate. An order of French Onion soup was shared by the table who agreed it was more flavorful than any other previously tasted. We also sampled the Tuna Tartar which was ordered for us by our server who knew his menu well. In a word: Divine. The tuna sat on top of a layer of avocado that provided a delicious creaminess to the dish. Next time, I would order this as my entrĂ©e and be entirely happy.

Next, we moved on to entrees: Filets all around. The taste bud highlight of my steak was its generous seasoning. The distinguishing factor of the steak was the accompaniment of a roasted garlic clove for smearing on each flavorful bite. As for sides, we tasted the Candied Yams, Creamed Spinach, and Black Truffle Mac & Cheese. The best was the creamy and rich Mac & Cheese. The low point was the creamed spinach as it tasted more like creamed bacon with the appearance of spinach to make you feel only slightly better about eating it.

To finish the gluttonous evening, I was pleasantly surprised when my decaf coffee was served French Press style. And our sweet treats included Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pie. I highly recommend the later – in all its whipped peanut butter glory. Final word on Ocean Prime: flavorful uniqueness found at a steakhouse

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