Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dine & Dish: The Squeaky Bean

I’ve been posed with a bit of a D&D dilemma. To post or not to post this restaurant review? I like to think of my blog as a happy one. Hence, I prefer to post dining experiences I enjoy. On this particular occasion I was seriously disappointed. But after consideration, I’ve decided maybe that’s worth sharing too. So here goes…

With a recommendation to try this quaint neighborhood restaurant, we went to The Squeaky Bean. Sitting at the bar, I took in the playfulness of the wall décor. Playful seemed to be a theme of the restaurant - of which I loved. Food can be fun! And The Squeaky Bean knows how to make it so.

When my wine was poured from a beaker into the wine glass, I was eager for our small plate order. The Veggie Fondue came out and made me laugh. It looked like vegetable lollipops. I loved the presentation! Unfortunately, what it gained in presentation it lacked in flavor as the dipping sauce was full of air and light on the creaminess you so hope for in a fondue dipping sauce.

Still appreciating the playfulness of the food, I had high hopes when ordering our entrees. We ordered Croque Madame and the Seared Hiramasa. At first bite, the Croque Madame was rich with flavor and melted warmly in my mouth. But with each bite, the richness of the dish took over and it became so heavy on the tongue that it was eventually pushed aside. The Seared Hiramasa was served with the pouring of a tomato broth around the fish and perfectly braised leeks. As I took my first bite, I wondered: Was the broth supposed to be warm or dare I say hot? Sadly, it was cold. Again, the presentation was appealing and each of the individual elements on the plate were nice enough but the overall entrée was one note on the texture front. All it needed was a little diversity of texture and it would have been a successful dish.

Final word on The Squeaky Bean: Playful presentation that fails to deliver on flavor. So sad.

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