Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Extra Special} Chefs Brunch

Last weekend, I was in foodie heaven with 4 Chefs cooking a special brunch for my friends and me.

For those who missed it, let me recap how this came to be ... In June, Dan and I attended Taste of the Nation – a foodie fundraiser benefiting Share Our Strength. That night, we bid on and won a brunch with local Chefs – cooked in our home!

For brunch, we feasted on the tasty dishes from:

Matt Selby, Vesta Dipping Grill & Steuben's - Pork Breakfast Sausage with Peppers. The sausage was superior to any tasted before. Being a sausage connoisseur, Dan noted just how very tender this homemade sausage was. We waited for the appropriate amount of time after Matt's departure before battling for the leftovers.

Paul C. Reilly, Encore on Colfax - Potato, Leek and Manchego Gratin. The potatoes were creamy, rich and had a nice crunch on top to finish off the bite. To think of this as merely potatoes au gratin summons up pictures of a homemade variety that falls boorishly short of the depth of flavor from this savory and delicious dish. And being one who enjoys crunchy food - you know I devoured my serving!

Beau Simmons, Jonesy's EatBar - Omelets Bar made to the likings of the eater. I ordered the special - a Lamb Shoulder, Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Omelet. Even though I am not normally a big lamb fan, this was a perfect time to give it a go. And it was great. The sharpness of the blue cheese combined with the sweetness of the onions and richness from the lamb came together to create one perfectly flavorful and indulgent bite.

Keegan Gerhard, Dbar Desserts - Malted Vanilla Waffle with Bananas Foster, Nutella and Cinnamon Ice Cream. This dessert was all the things you dream of from a dessert - creamy, sweet, a bit of crunch and one that made you want to lick the plate. Having learned a few table manners myself, I opted to wait until the Chefs left before doing so. And that cinnamon ice cream - oh, how I loved thee.

We enjoyed all this while sipping on Blueberry Pomegranate Mimosas and Apple Mimosas. Pure genius! Especially the Apple Mimosa. Such a simple and fresh twist to the traditional mimosa. I am not sure I will ever serve an orange juice mimosa again.

Special thanks to Mom for opening her home for our special brunch. And an even bigger thank you to the Chefs and Leigh from Jonseys who generously donated their time for a good cause. It was pure joy to chat it up with you as you shared your culinary creations with us.

Need a bigger helping?:
Vesta Dipping Grill Vesta Dipping Grill on Urbanspoon & Steuben's Steuben's Food Service on Urbanspoon
Encore on Colfax Encore on Colfax on Urbanspoon
Jonesy's EatBar Jonesy's EatBar on Urbanspoon
Dbar Desserts D Bar Desserts on Urbanspoon
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  1. Wow what a feast ..4 chefs ..heaven..lucky you:)

  2. I love it. Taste is a great event. That benefits a wonderful cause. Thank you for attending and so happy that you enjoyed your fabulous brunch.

  3. I was a lucky guest at this incredible brunch and it was delicious. Can we do this every weekend?!

  4. SOOO jealous! Love this.

  5. This was an absolute grand feast! I bet everyone was so full, yet didn't mind a repeat. Five cheers of yumminess to all! Delicious!

  6. Oh, that is just heaven! A terrific feast, but to have 4 chefs come to your HOME?! Super-duper! I can only imagine how delicious the food was!