Monday, January 16, 2012

Dine & Dish: Iggy's Cantina and Kitchen

We went to Iggy's based upon a word-of-mouth recommendation. The newly opened restaurant is located just east of Downtown Littleton.

Inside, you'll find a casual, colorful dining room with a small bar and 8 or so tables. A recently paved patio will double the seating come summertime.

Our meal started with a round of house margaritas and an order of chips and salsa (for "a buck"). Their salsa is house-made and smoky. We all agreed the margaritas were mild in flavor. Perhaps, a little too mild. They could've used a bit more punch.

Per house recommendation, we ordered the Dos Equis Beer Battered Cheese served with a raspberry chipotle dipping sauce. The beer batter was similar to a tempura batter in appearance and taste. And while it appeared rather anemic, it was surprisingly flavorful and smooth texturally.

For an entree, I ordered the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas. The sweet potatoes were roasted and rolled together with black beans in two corn tortillas. The enchiladas were topped with a dark Pasilla red chile sauce and a house-made cheese. Unlike the traditional Spanish rice, it was served with a warmed southwestern quinoa.

Mom tried an entree you won't normally find at a Mexican restaurant - Sweet Potato and Colorado Elk Hash. The potato and elk were tossed with grilled onions, green chilies and black beans and topped with two fried eggs. The dish is certainly inventive and while the elk tasted a bit too gamey in flavor, we chalked it up to not being big elk fans to begin with.

Lastly, Dan ordered a more traditional dish - the Stuffed Sopapilla. The sopapilla was filled with ground beef, rice, refried beans and smothered in green chile. Ingredients were made in-house - beans, chile and dough.

As you can imagine, we were too full to consider dessert.

Final words on Iggy's ... house-made ingredients with traditional and non-traditional Mexican cuisine.

Need a bigger helping?:
They don't have a website yet but are located at 699 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO 80120. Phone: 303-927-7461
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  1. Wow - that sure did look tasty! I think if the sweet potato hash was made with something besides Elk, it would have been amazing! Glad you liked it!

  2. Very small, cozy place (small house). Food is great, love the new chef. Blonde Manager not very friendly. Would go back for food, not for Manager's personality.

    1. Hadn't heard there was a new chef. Thanks for the update. I cant say I disagree about the manager. She was friendly enough when we were there but certainly lacked the polish you'd expect from the position of 'manager'.