Monday, January 23, 2012

Milk and Cookies

I am currently in the baby phase of life - many of my girlfriends are pregnant. It's been such fun to watch their bellies grow! My own Mom wanted to honor my preggo friends by having a brunch for them.

By the time the brunch date arrived, one momma had her baby already in her arms. And another friend became pregnant. So with excited anticipation of babies all around, we brunched.

For dessert, gooey chocolate chip cookies and steamed milk was served. A childlike dessert - perfect for celebrating babies.

With chatter of all things baby, we dipped our cookies indulgently. Congrats to the future mommies!

Of particular cookie note...the recipe is from a family friend. So, it's not mine to share. I believe that we're all entitled to a few keep-for-yourself recipes.

What's your hush, hush recipe?
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  1. I am so bummed!! I need a good gooey cookie recipe! My choco chip cookies always get a little too crispy!

  2. Allison, I can give you a tip that helps cookies of all kinds. Take them out of the oven 1 minute before they actually look done.

  3. It sounds like a delicious time! I'm sorry you can't share the cookies -they look delicious!