Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Dine & Dish rating

Hi fellow dining out enthusiasts!

I'd like to introduce my new restaurant review rating system. You might have seen its first appearance in the D&D: ChoLon. Well, it is pretty simple. A rating of Salted Spoons...

Each D&D restaurant will be awarded Salted Spoons, with a maximum rating of 5 spoons. Spoons are awarded based upon several factors including food fare, libations, service, atmosphere and overall dining experience. Of course, the greatest factor earning spoons is the central part of dining out - the FOOD!

Likely, the lowest score you will see is a 3 Salted Spoon rating. I typically don't bother writing if a restaurant isn't at least deserving of 3 spoons.

Cheers to enjoying all 5 spoon restaurants!

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  1. LOVE it! What a GREAT idea for the salted spoon!

  2. Love the spoon ratings! Again, I wish I was closer so I could enjoy all the places you write about!