Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lightened-Up Egg Salad Sandwich

Every year, my adult siblings and I dye Easter eggs. Yes, I said adult siblings. We still enjoy doing this and have convinced our spouses to join in on the colorful creations as well.

Naturally, this tradition leaves us with lots and lots of hard-boiled eggs. The quintessential Easter leftover dish is an egg salad sandwich. But with the common ingredient of mayonnaise, I am sorry to say, such a sandwich makes for a calorie-laden lunch.

To health it up, I swapped Greek yogurt for the mayo. The result, the same great flavor but without the excess calories and fat.

It’s the perfect, healthy use of all those eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Lightened-Up Egg Salad Sandwich
Ingredients: * Serves 4
6 large hardboiled eggs, peeled
1/3 c. non-fat, plain Greek yogurt
1 tbs. ground or spicy mustard
juice from 1 lemon
1/2 tsp. dill
S&P to taste
3 c. arugula, washed
8 slices whole-wheat bread

1. In a medium bowl, coarsely chop hardboiled eggs using back of fork.
2. Add yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, dill and salt & pepper to bowl. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit in refrigerator for 2+ hours. *Tip: This step allows the flavors to develop.
3. When ready to serve, lay out 4 slices of bread and use spatula to spread egg salad mixture. Pile arugula generously onto egg salad. Top with remaining bread slices.

I'm off to dye eggs. Happy Easter!
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  1. That sounds really good Kelly. I also found that if I take half of the yolks from the number of eggs I use it doesn't make a difference in the taste and texture of the egg salad, but packs much less fat and calories.

    1. Thank you Richard. Good thoughts on using half the yolks! I can imagine that it would be similar in taste and texture. I will do this with the rest of my leftover eggs. Thanks for the tip!

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  3. I am another Denver resident and recently started following your blog. Thanks for posting this - I'd been considering the same swap and now I know I'll definitely try this tonight with my excess Easter eggs!

    1. Welcome Angie! I'm glad you found me! Thanks for stopping by!