Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dine & Dish: Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar

Wanting to go somewhere new, we dined at Row 14 Bistro in celebration of my birthday.

After trying to decide between two starters, we ordered both. The Ahi and Salmon Rangoons were filled with a delicately smooth cream cheese center and served with a sweet chili soy sauce. Being that Dan loves this kind of appetizer, we often order rangoons. And Row 14's topped the favorites list. I especially liked that they were crispy and yet light compared to other rangoon versions.

The menu offers a small but nice cheese board selection. This was ordered as our second starter. The cheeses were very enjoyable, but my question was where's the board? Served on a ordinary bread plate, the cheese 'board' presentation was lackluster compared to the quality cheeses it carried. On another note, the pear marmalade served alongside the cheese was a delicious compliment to the dish.

For entrees, I enjoyed the Australian Barramundi served atop a potato risotto and red kuri squash puree and garnished with arugula and pistachios. While I wouldn't call it a risotto, the potatoes were creamy and flavorful. And the Barramundi was cooked nicely with a crisply seared crust. While colorful in its presentation, the squash puree would have benefited from additional seasoning.

Dan ordered the NY Strip Steak with Frites. The steak was cooked to his liking and was served with gorgonzola, tomatoes and a Worcestershire reduction. I sampled a few bites and enjoyed the reduction sauce as the highlight of the flavor profile.

In regards to ambiance, the restaurant offers a contemporary chic feel that's pleasant. I was, however, not a fan of the location. Directly across from the convention center, the location offers a less than appealing view. That being said, the location is also nearby the theater and perfect for dining before a show.

Final words on Row 14 Bistro ... flavorful dining good for a night at the theater.

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  1. I've never been to Row 14, but your critique was great! I was a bit surprised by the cheese "board" looked tasty, but even I have a cheese board! The steak reduction sounded amazing! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  2. The NY Strip Steak looks delicious! The gorgonzola, tomatoes and the Worcestershire reduction sounds awesome! Oh, and happy birthday!