Sunday, November 13, 2011

Second helping of FAQs...

Last week I answered questions of the food obsessed variety ... you asked me a few more. Here are my responses.

What was your worst recipe disaster?
Last November, I wrote a 3 post series on a memorable recipe disaster. What was I making you ask? Pizza crusts. Reflecting back on it, I am really glad I shared that disaster on my blog. I am, after all, an amateur cook. Every once in awhile, I am reminded of this. And it is usually amusing.

Here are the posts from that disaster.... Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

What is your favorite chocolate recipe?
Pecan Brownies from Lisa Rothstein - sans pecans. They are decadent. And indulgent. Proceed with caution.

Do you try new recipes when entertaining?
I have several go-to recipes for entertaining. I rarely experiment with new recipes when having people over. I don't need the stress of things being a flop and people going hungry.

Is there really such a thing as light Italian?
Yes, there is. Americans tend to be heavy handed when making Italian dishes -- excessive portions of pasta and anything baked, as in baked ziti, is loaded with cheese. But, Italian can be much lighter. Think fish, fresh veggies and Italian spices. An appropriately portioned serving of pasta is also a good start.

Dan is listed as a contributor of your blog. How does he contribute?
Dan is my official taster and dining companion. He also laughs with me when my pizza dough turns out like naan.

Seriously, frozen cookies?
True story. You gotta try it.
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