Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming *very* soon...

I've been working hard to make my new blog something special. I cant wait any longer to share it with you...

So, I'm giving a hint about what's to come?

The new name features one of my favorite literary techniques - alliteration. I don't actually know if alliteration is considered a technique. A literary tool, perhaps? Anyhow, the hint is alliteration.

And I'll do one better...the alliteration makes use of the letter "S". Really, that's 2 hints now.

Any guesses?

My new blog launches on January 1st!
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  1. Sweet Surprises? Seasonal Sensations? Strawberry Sundaes?

  2. The choices are way too endless. Will she keep strings or ditch it (I'm guessing the latter). Will it be food words or foodie words (those can be different, right?).

    Guess we'll just have to patiently pontificate.

  3. Oooh. Good guesses and thoughts! More to come soon!