Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dine & Dish: Salt Bistro

In doing a little pre-meal research, I was especially drawn in by Salt Bistro's commitment to sourcing fresh and local ingredients. We dined at Salt Bistro for their Sunday brunch. The atmosphere has an inviting and historic feel created by the exposed brick walls and refurbished materials from the original building.

As for the food, we tasted the Tom's Tavern Grass-fed Burger. This dish was recommended by our server to which all three of my dining companions ordered it. Atop the burger was arugula, cheddar and the addition of avocado.

The entire table raved about the house-made ketchup. I enjoy my ketchup. In fact, I often joke that I eat French fries only as long as I still have ketchup for dipping. The house-made ketchup was noteworthy due to the deep flavor that tasted to be from fire roasted tomatoes. The flavor profile distinguished the ketchup from the traditional tabletop variety.

Also recommended by our server, I ordered the Farm Fresh Egg Omelette. The omelette was served almost burrito like with its rolled presentation. The inside of the omelette revealed spinach, bacon, brie and sundried tomatoes.

These were strong flavors when mixed into one bite, although, I was displeased with the oiliness of the dish. The oiliness seemed to come from improperly drained sundried tomatoes. While I wouldn't order the dish again, I certainly think - with better execution - it had the makings of a tasty dish. The omelette was also accompanied by potatoes which were nicely prepared with sautéed onions.

Final words on Salt Bistro ... warm brunch that invites diners to leisurely enjoy their ketchup - err, meal.

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  1. Oh, YUM! I am allergic to a spice that is in most commercial ketchups and there is ONE out there that doesn't have it and it's SO good to be able to have ketchup again without having to make it!

  2. That burger looks fantastic! I've been to Salt once and like you, felt the execution could have been a bit better on a couple of the dishes.

  3. Ann, Thank goodness for the 1 that you can eat! It'd be a sad day without ketchup. :0