Monday, February 20, 2012

Social commentary of the foodie kind...

Last week, a man had a heart attack whilst eating a Triple Bypass Burger at the Las Vegas location of the Heart Attack Grill.

I hear this man is in the hospital and recovering. Thankfully.

When the Congress came out with ruling that pizza was a vegetable, I kept my blogging mouth shut. (I personally don't get pizza. - I don't want what is essentially a breadstick for dinner.) But, with this news, it's time to ask some serious questions.

Who is responsible for turning a 3 or 4 burger patty into a novelty dish? When we consider ONE dish that is equivalent to the calorie count that should be taken in over a THREE days period, why do we think it's a fun idea? Why does it become a novelty?

And taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, who's responsible? Aren't restaurants partly responsible for their excessively large portion sizes? And as consumers, don't we have to accept responsibility for basing the value of a restaurant on their portion sizes? And, what messages are we saying to our kids when we hype up such novelty items?

You know me ... I am a foodie at heart. I simply love food! And as a health conscious foodie - who also loves to dine out - I select restaurants carefully. More importantly, I order with careful consideration.

Some would say I shouldn't eat out. But, I am not going to do so. I enjoy going out! It's one of my favorite ways to spend time with family and friends.

But, because of this "hobby," I certainly hold myself responsible for what I order. And while the Crispy Pork Belly sounds appealing, I'll joyfully plunge into a bowl of Cioppino.

So, now I am curious, dear readers. What do you think? I've asked a lot of questions. I'd love to hear your thoughts, commentary and opinions on these such matters.
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  1. I don't enjoy novelty items. There is a restaurant in my town which has been set up to look like a restroom, where food is served in 'toilet bowls' - I personally find it disgusting and would never step into that place. Much like me never ordering a dish called a 'Dog Food' (in a different cafe) which comprises of fries, cheese and gravy!

    Consumers are as responsible for their health as restaurants. Plus if people started eating better, these places wouldn't have anything to run on.

  2. Nish, I completely agree with you. A "restroom" restaurant sounds disgusting. I am glad that has not caught on nationwide!

  3. Fun food fact... fries, gravy and cheese (curds) is a popular French Canadian dish called Poutine. Available at local food trucks and international fast food chains alike (in Canada that is).