Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Kelly is away, what do I eat?!?!

Allow myself to introduce ... myself. I'm Dan. Kelly's husband. Also known as hubby, babe, that guy with the crazy sweet tooth, and the CTO of The Salted Spoon.

Being married to a foodie, I've become used to a certain level of cuisine, both out and at home. So, when Kelly is out of town, it puts me into a little bit of a predicament.

My cooking skills haven't improved much since college. Which translates into not being able to whip up some fresh seafood with a white wine reduction and a side of something green and oh make sure there is a starch and on and on. I'm not going to the grocery store unless I absolutely have to, I'd rather not do the frozen thing (see second paragraph), and I can't eat out every meal. This leaves me with a few ingredients we always have on hand plus the leftovers that Kelly has so kindly prepared before departing.

I should probably note that I’m famous (in my marriage) for eating breakfast for dinner. All this leads to one of my favorite dishes… my personal take on a breakfast burrito smothered in homemade chili.

Dan's Breakfast Burrito
1 egg + 1 white
1 roasted green chili
1 fresh flour tortilla (preferably minus hydrogenation)
1 smear of cream cheese
1 slice (or two) of brie
2 slices of ham (usually organic)
1/2 serving of leftover chili
1/4 avocado (I ate the last one yesterday)

While the pan heats up add the green chili and ham. Obviously warming them up, but it removes some of excess moisture at the same time. Prepare the 1 egg and 1 white (usually in a pint glass) with a dash of milk and whisk. Smear the cream cheese along the center of the tortilla and add the brie on top.

The cream cheese isn’t as much for flavor as keeping the burrito from being too dry (flavored cream cheese can be a nice touch though). I don’t think I need to say why the brie is being added (it makes EVERYTHING better).

The chili can be nuked while getting everything else ready. Once the ham and green chili are sizzling, take them off and layer them on tortilla. Now it’s time to scramble the eggs as the last layer to the burrito. Add a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce (chalula) and wrap. With the burrito made, lay it “ends” side down in the pan crisping up the sides and sealing it from opening up on you later. Flip. With the top and bottom seared, pour the chili over the top, and enjoy!

Sure, everyone can make a breakfast burrito. But, it’s the little indulgences that take it up a notch.
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  1. I love that Dan blogged about food! At least this concoction was something normal

  2. Awesome! I love breakfast for dinner! And the burrito looks delicious!

  3. I too am a fan of breakfast for dinner.

    And Meg - yes, I loved that Dan wanted to do a guest post. At least it wasnt his other specialty – rice with egg whites. Anemic dish.

  4. Okay - how cool is this?! SO nice to meet you, Dan and this sounds delish!