Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the road again...

I travel a bit with my job. Have I ever shared that with you? I suppose not.

I work for a wellness company. Yes, I get to live and breathe wellness in my work-life and I LOVE it! It is such an exciting and fulfilling field to be in. And naturally, this fits with my own chosen healthy lifestyle.

But, in instances when I am on the road - perhaps, several back to back trips - I have to find ways to maintain my health despite traveling.

I consider work travel different that vacation travel. In that, when vacationing, I give myself the allowance to indulge a bit more than I normally would. Have to take advantage of the opportunity to experience a new city and culture through their food, right? It's my favorite part of vacation travel!

But, when traveling for work, I approach these days no different than being at home. Meaning, I seek out healthy food options. So, what does a gal do when traveling and hungry?

Starbucks. For breakfast anyway. Even though it's a chain (and I typically prefer small businesses), they have oatmeal on the menu. And I can add in nuts for extra protein. A good start to a full work day.

Here's to making healthy choices - on the road or otherwise!
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  1. Hard to avoid an occasional chain- terrific choice! :)

  2. I agree! It is hard to avoid chains (although I don't mind them) and I have recently become a HUGE fan of oatmeal. I keep saying I'm going to try Starbucks. Maybe tomorrow morning! Very interesting about your job...I'd love for you to post more about it!

  3. I agree, chains are hard to avoid. No matter how you feel about them. Especially when traveling!

    Ann, glad you are interested in my job. I will try to figure out some ways to 'work it in'. :)